Do Ferrets Get Along With Chihuahuas?

Do ferrets get along with chihuahuas?

Ferrets and Chihuahua dogs share certain physical characteristics that make them seem similar, both have slender and elongated bodies, and the difference in size is not detached, so at first glance, it may seem that both animals can live together in harmony.

The coexistence between ferrets and Chihuahuas is totally possible because there is no great risk of physical harm between them, however you must follow certain basic criteria for this coexistence to be effective, and there are also appropriate situations for this that you must know and that I will be arguing about in this topic.

Dogs and ferrets in live-ins, is something that may or may not work depending on some factors. Ferrets are generally curious and tend to bite in a playful manner. You can’t stop them from doing so, you can’t train ferrets like dogs because that’s their natural behavior.

In general, for an adequate coexistence and to avoid any problem between the two, I must say that the most appropriate thing would be to leave the ferrets and the Chihuahuas together.

Just when they have fully grown up and have been known each other for an early age or have lived quietly together for a considerable time (at least a year, I would say) without any unpleasant situation.

One of the advantages of the Chihuahua is that it is not a dog that has a very strong hunting instinct, and its size is also not overwhelming compared to the ferret, if the dog has a strong hunting instinct, or is very big, or aggressive, not very sensitive, or cannot measure its strength, is frightened or shy, or just restless, it won’t work for both of these animals to live successfully together.

Although Chihuahuas are usually very active dogs, they do not share any of these characteristics that might be incompatible in a possible coexistence with a ferret.

Size is an important compatibility between ferrets and chihuahas

One of the most important factors when taking into account the coexistence between ferrets and dogs is the size, have you seen how the ferrets play? they are very physical something abrupt, also they like to nibble in form of game the legs or the nose of the dog, although it does it of form that cannot cause damage.

Since the Chihuahua dog’s dimensions are similar to the ferret’s, neither represents a physical danger at play, they can fall on top of each other without getting hurt, and they can chew on each other in play without causing any significant damage.

Ferrets usually weigh between 0.7 and 2 kilos and are about 50 cm long, with the females being slightly larger than the males, while a Chihuahua weighs on average between 1.5 and 3 kilos and measures on average between 16 and 20 centimeters in height and up to 23 cm in length.

While the ferret tends to be more elongated in size the chihuahua is a little heavier, however, the physical difference is not overwhelming to anyone.

How to introduce a Chihuahua to a ferret in three steps

If you have the ferret before the chihuahua or vice versa, the ideal is that the introduction of both animals is done in a slow way, at the beginning because of the lack of knowledge there might be a little bit of problems between both, but after they get used to each other things will go well.

1. Do you have your ferret in a cage? If so, let the dog walk around the ferret’s cage and smell him through the cage to see how each one reacts.

2. If there is not an aggressive reaction, hold the ferret and let each and every one of them hold it so that you can observe directly with the Chihuahua dog.

3. If there is no aggressive reaction between the two then lower the ferret and observe the contact between the two. Immediately after a dispute occurs, it will be interrupted and tried again after a while.

Joining an adult ferret with a puppy Chihuaha?

This personally does not seem to be a very good idea, remember that the ferret is a carnivorous animal and although over the years and generations its hunting instinct has become very dormant, it is better to avoid the relationship between possible predator and prey.

In their natural habitat they feed on rabbits and small mammals such as mice and voles but, of course, that diet is changed for ferrets living in human homes.

The ideal situation would be for both ferret and dog to be raised together from the time they are weaned, or failing that both are adults. However, in the vast majority of cases, this is not possible. The most common thing is that one arrives home when the other is already an adult.

But I don’t think it’s appropriate to put an adult ferret together with a Chihuahua dog that is too young or too small; that could be dangerous for the Chihuahua.

In any case, it is very unlikely that the domesticated ferret will eat a dog, no matter how small it is, but there is a possibility of harming it, in the case that it is a Chihuahua puppy.

Final argument

The coexistence between a Chihuahua and a ferret can be something fun to witness and can be effectively achieved only by following common sense, I hope the advice given here has helped you.

I noticed several examples of coexistence between these two animals during the research for this topic, you just have to give both animals some time to get used to being together.

Also, age can influence, a ferret or chihuahua in advanced age will not have the same desire to play and share, but that is something totally natural and understandable.

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