Man Vs Kangaroo (Who Would Win In A Fight?)


Kangaroos are the most famous animals in Australia and I dare say one of the most recognized animals in the world, they are animals with unique and special characteristics, and among these characteristics is the fact that kangaroos can kick, hit, and fight, even against men.

Kangaroos are usually shy animals, but they are brave and strong enough to face a human being in a hand-to-hand fight, in fact, in Australia, there have been many violent encounters between kangaroos and humans.

Mainly because there are close encounters between kangaroos and humans all the time, kangaroos are one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions, sometimes people get too close.

Have you ever wondered if a man can beat a kangaroo in hand-to-hand combat?

It is very unlikely that an ordinary man can beat a kangaroo in hand-to-hand combat, here are the details.

Who is stronger, a man or a kangaroo?

Measuring strength between living beings of different species is something that can be complicated by the difference in size and physical composition, because the average man weighs more than the average kangaroo, it could be said that a man has more strength than a kangaroo, but in general terms, a kangaroo can be stronger than an average man.

That is, an average man could dominate an average-sized kangaroo, but if the kangaroo uses its hind legs as a form of attack, it can overcome any force exerted by the man.

The reason why kangaroos are so strong is mainly due to their biological composition, kangaroos have totally muscular genetics, in fact, 50% of their weight is composed of pure muscle.

The musculature of kangaroos is a visible physical quality that males use to attract the opposite sex, but the strength of kangaroos is unquestionable, in the research I did for the subject, I saw many cases of kangaroos dragging and dominating large dogs.

Dominating an adult dog is a task that requires a lot of strength, even for a human being, and I am referring to the fact that kangaroos can dominate a dog using only their forepaws, when in fact the most powerful part of their bodies are their hind legs.

Kangaroos’ hind legs are very strong, and this would be precisely the determining factor in a fight against a kangaroo, in fact, kangaroo kicks can be considered among the most powerful in the entire animal kingdom, kangaroos have such powerful legs that they are able to jump up to 3 meters (9’10”).

Do Kangaroos drown people?

Kangaroos do not drown people, unless they feel threatened and are chased into a lake or pond with water where they can protect themselves, in fact, the kangaroo uses the tactic of drowning predators that chase them, such as dingoes and foxes.

The kangaroo escapes to a place with water deep enough to reach its chest, where it will use its stature and ability to use its forepaws to drown the predator that tries to follow it into the water.

Kangaroo’s double kick of death

An average man is always at a disadvantage in hand-to-hand confrontations against wild animals, I say this because there are already several topics and research that I do in this regard.

Wild animals that have fangs and can bite always have a great advantage in a fight against a man, although the kangaroo does not have fangs, and does not bite much as an attack mechanism, has a devastating movement.

I call this move “the double kick of death”, it sounds cool and scary, it turns out that kangaroos have some fighting intelligence, in fact, their fighting stance could be quite similar to that of men, kangaroos stand on two legs and use their forepaws as their primary attack.

But it is its second attack that can be devastating, known as a double front kick, this attack can incapacitate a man with a single blow, causing fatal wounds, a kangaroo, could disembowel a man with several double kicks and could cause a serious wound with just one of these kicks.

Claws on the hind feet of a kangaroo

In the “friendly confrontations” that have been seen between kangaroos boxing with humans, some sort of footwear is put on the kangaroos covering the claws of the hind legs, as a kick from a kangaroo could be fatal to a human being.

Kangaroos are tough

Have you seen the video of the man in Australia punching a kangaroo trying to save his dog?, it’s the same photo I’m using on the cover of the topic.

If you think a punch can hurt a kangaroo you are overestimating how tough and resilient these animals can be, in another footage, I saw an average sized kangaroo attacking some people on a golf course, and one of the people hit the kangaroo hard with a golf club on the head.

The kangaroo continued attacking as if nothing had happened and the person fell to the ground, kangaroos are very tough and resistant animals, capable of surviving in hostile environments.

Don’t try to box a kangaroo

Most kangaroos live in Australia, and they are not really animals that like to fight, but in case you have seen a couple of videos of people boxing against a kangaroo, don’t think of it as funny, a kick from these animals can be fatal, it is not at all a good idea to confront a kangaroo.

The kangaroo will try to avoid the fight by standing up and showing its size and musculature, if this doesn’t work and you have to fight for real, a kangaroo can grab you with its two forepaws by the shoulders, swing on its tail, and hit you with its two hind legs in the abdomen area.

The incredible thing about this blow in a melee confrontation is that the kangaroo can perform it at a very short distance, approximately from 50 centimeters away can perform this double kick, this is because the kangaroo leans back and leans on its tail to perform the kick.

The speed with which it performs the kick is also amazing, what I mean by all this, is that a man will not see the attack of the kangaroo coming.

Kangaroos are very resistant, muscular animals, their stomach has special protection that protects them from these kicks in front of each other, but a kick from a kangaroo to a human being in the abdomen could be fatal.

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