Why Are Guinea Fowl So Noisy? (How To Minimize The Noise)

Yes, guinea fowl are quite noisy, especially when they emit their call cry, this is one of the few negative elements that this bird has, guinea fowl are birds that can be easy to breed, require very little maintenance, are very strong birds that rarely get sick, larger eggs than even chickens and also produce a lot of delicious meat, but in contrast to all this, they are considered noisy and this aspect is something that makes poultry breeders think twice.

Guinea fowl are endemic to the warm, tropical forests, savannas, scrublands, farmlands and even semi-deserts of sub-Saharan Africa. Due to these conditions of being dispersed over large areas and roaming in large groups, the guinea fowl had to adapt to develop communication systems with high volume and range sounds to keep the whole group alerted and safe, that is why they are so noisy.

Guinea fowl can be good watch birds, alerting you to any strangers approaching your property, The guineas fowl have four modes of life: eating, sleeping, chattering and screaming in terror.” This last mode can occur several times a day, so you must be mentally prepared.

Why do guinea fowl scream?

Guinea fowl are close relatives of domestic chickens and are naturally considered a noisy species, the birds emit a characteristic unpleasant cry to communicate with each other in the wild, they may also emit noises when they encounter food or in a situation where they feel threatened. The guinea fowl are accustomed to roaming in large groups and feeding together.

For a person living in a private home, guinea fowl can be a real problem because of the amount of noise they can generate. If you have neighbors in the immediate vicinity, they are most likely to be disturbed by the noise of these birds, sometimes the noise of the guinea fowl does not stop even at night and it is at this time that they may seem most annoying.

Noise is a normal condition in guinea fowl, the sound of one bird resembles the sound of a whole flock of rooks, usually the guinea fowl are kept in groups on a farm, they may make noise to communicate with each other, or as a sign that they are satisfied.

What to do if the guinea fowl screams non-stop?

Actually, it is not normal for pintails to cry non-stop for a long time, when the noise of these birds starts to bother too much, it is time to analyze why this is happening and how to eliminate the unpleasant noises.

Unnatural causes of noises:

Something is scaring the Guinea fowl

Guinea fowl may scream if they feel threatened by an animal in their immediate environment, perhaps the guinea fowl are too close to something or someone to panic. In this case, it is best to identify what animal or object in the environment might be causing the guinea fowl to panic, and if possible, move the birds to a new location.

Not enough space

Guinea fowl are poultry that need adequate space so they don’t feel crowded, once in a crowded aviary, they will feel uncomfortable and start making noise. The solution is to allow the birds to graze more. Even if some of them fly away, you should not be afraid, in a couple of days the bird will return home.

For guinea fowl, if you plan to let these birds wander freely, you will need to start by placing them in a coop. A minimum of 3000 to 4000 cm² (3 to 4 sq. ft.) of space per bird should be provided.

Too little food

In winter and in situations where there is not enough food in the barn, when the guinea fowl cannot feed themselves, they will compete for food. Naturally, the hungriest ones will scream all the time as long as they do not get enough food.

For this reason, you should maintain a constant food supplement for the guinea fowl to keep her as calm as possible.

If you meet all the requirements, and still can not keep the guinea fowl silent, you can try other ways:

If you have the possibility of having a soundproof shed you can keep them there, not everyone has the luxury of having such a space, but you can even soundproof with natural materials such as for example, a natural barrier or use newspaper which is an excellent acoustic insulator.

Also, you can fence a separate territory for the birds in the summer so that they have enough space, but no chance to fly, by covering a plot of land of 20-30 square meters with nylon, with nets over trees and bushes. There, guinea fowl should feel safe and graze without making so much noise.

Are guinea fowl louder than chickens?

Chickens can become noisy at certain times, it is possible that in terms of duration chickens and guineas are equally noisy, but in terms of intensity cry guineas are much louder than chickens, the call cry of guineas is the closest thing to a car alarm, their call cry can be really loud.

Are female guinea fowl less noisy?

According to the research I did for this topic, female Guinea fowl are just as loud as males, they have a similar calling song, a loud and constant cry. The variety of sounds, and the intensity with which they are produced, are much more varied in a guinea fowl than in a hen.

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