Why Do Pomeranians Dig? (How To Correct it)

Why do Pomeranians dig?

If you want to create a golf course full of holes in your yard or garden and you don’t know how to do it, just get a Pomeranian dog and he will make all the holes, it is known that dogs in general like to dig in the ground, some more than others.

Pomeranians have this habit, but how can you correct this habit? by avoiding the dog to go out in the garden or by punishing him in some other way? the first thing is to know why Pomeranian dogs dig.

This is how you can find a solution to stop or minimize the disaster. This article will help you to better understand the situation and it will offer some tips on how to avoid having your Pomeranians digging in your garden.

Digging is a natural behavior in the Pomeranians

the Pomeranian dog tends to dig because it is a dog. (I know it sounds super obvious), regardless of the breed, a dog will naturally dig for recreation, seeking out odors, sheltering from the heat or hiding a bone.

You don’t need to reprimand your Pomeranian if it digs a hole occasionally to put one of its own “valuable” items in. He would not understand what he did wrong, and scolding will not help. If this is a moderate practice, it must be accepted since it is instinctive and natural.

However, if their Pomeranians dig very often and everywhere, it could be because of their boredom. In fact, a dog requires regular activity, and when your Pomeranian is not busy, it is going to try to fulfill that void by digging.

According to studies, the dog’s brain can be affected if it spends many hours without receiving any stimulus, among the most frequent reasons for dog boredom are: too much time spent alone at home and the lack of new both physical and mental challenges. 

As a result of this, the dog can develop compulsive behaviors like for example, digging.

What to do if you but pomeranian dig too much?

First of all, you have to get into the habit of running, guiding and playing with your dog for at least 30 or so minutes a day. In fact, if the Pomeranian has been physically active enough, he won’t want to dig. You’ll be able to rest comfortably and you’ll notice that your garden has fewer holes.

Being stimulated from the outdoors, from other dogs, by other people, to exercise to burn their energy daily is something that all dogs need.

To keep the dog entertained and avoid boring him easily, a very practical solution is to give him toys when he is out alone. There are many toys in specialized stores. The busy dog will think less about digging in the dirt.

But it is important not to overwhelm the pom. As with all dogs, being physically and mentally overwhelmed is contra productive. Small learning units spread over the day consolidate what has been learned much better than practicing for hours. 

In order to consolidate what has been learned in the brain, rest periods are therefore important.

Do Pomeranians like to be left alone?

In general, dogs including Pomeranian are animals that like to be in packs, so it is implied that a Pomeranian dog does not like to be alone. You have to teach the dog to spend time alone first.

The Pomeranian is most definitely not a dog to get if you had to leave it alone for prolonged periods of time. As a very people oriented dog, the Pomeranian is usually very unhappy when not around its human. 

Those people who are working and have to leave the dog during the day or even leave it alone should abstain from buying a Pomeranian.

I believe that a dog should not have to be left alone for more than 5 to 6 hours at most. Although it is often stated that a dog doesn’t mind being alone for 8 hours, this is something that should not be assumed as good and valid.

Even if the dog is alone, it doesn’t mean it’s fine. What more can the animal do? If the dog exhibits problematic behavior, it usually has to support educational methods that make no sense. 

It would be different if it had some company not to spend so many hours alone, that gave it some exercise in the middle.

How often should Pomeranians be walked?

The Pomeranian may be a small dog, but like other dogs, they enjoy being outside. Therefore, several walks or other activities should be well distributed throughout the day. In a general sense, one could say that 3 walks of several minutes a day is more than enough.

Other options to educate your Pomeranian not to dig

If, in spite of everything mentioned, your Pomeranian is still digging all over the place, you have to train your dog. You can instruct him to dig only in a limited area.

You will need to determine a spot on your property for your Pomeranian to dig (by encircling) it with stones or by making a sandbox. You have to hide food or toys from him right at this point and make him realize that he has the right to dig there.

But if you catch him digging outside the defined area, then use NO and STOP with a strong, authoritative tone. It will be important to be assertive and show him the place that he is allowed (destined). 

As you repeat these orders, your Pomeranian will gradually understand that he can only dig in a certain territory. So your Pomeranian will continue to dig as instinct dictates, but your garden will be preserved!

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