4 Main Ways Budgies Get Dry After Bathing

Most budgies love to bathe regularly, others not so much, it all depends on how hot it is, it is even possible that your budgie takes a bath daily, or that you use an atomizer to spray it with water during very hot days.

If you have asked yourself, how to dry a budgie after a bath? in this topic I will discuss the main ways that are used, and no, it is not something as basic and simple as using a towel.

If you are new to bird care I imagine that you are thinking of a traditional way of drying a bird, and when I say traditional I mean using a towel or paper.

But remember, birds are animals that solve all their needs in the most natural way possible, just like all other animals, that’s why the proper ways to dry a bird like a budgie require the most natural ways possible.

1-Flap their wings and preen themselves

Too basic to be true, but in reality, this is the primary way in which budgies and any bird begins a drying process, they flap their wings and shudder while flapping their wings they like to groom themselves, this method would be the equivalent of humans using a towel to dry themselves.

By the way, from a recollection of information, I understand that budgies don’t like towels, Like most birds, budgies prefer to preen themselves when it comes to drying off and shaking water off their bodies.

Most birds have what is known as a preening gland at the base of the tail, they use the secretion from this gland to grease their plumage by spreading it there with their beaks.

Water simply runs off the feathers, they never get wet to the skin, and the air trapped in the plumage keeps them nice and warm even in freezing water.

Other birds in the wild that use scavenging techniques to catch prey do not have these glands because they do not need them, as they would find it very difficult to dive into the water.

These birds to dry their wings simply spread them out and extend them back and forth, budgies are not submersion birds in nature, so they have this gland at the base of their tail that helps them to drain the water from their body.

2- Place the budgie in front of a window

Another super basic but very effective tip put the freshly bathed budgie in front of a window where a little sunlight penetrates will help it to dry much faster.

Obviously, you will not let it cook for a long time in a place where the sun is very strong, although budgies are very resistant birds and their natural habitat is of high temperatures, but the idea is that the soft heat of a little solar radiation will help it to dry the water faster.

In this technique, the budgie can combine it with that of preening to dry much faster.

If you notice, so far of the two techniques I have mentioned so that the budgie can dry out have been totally natural and do not require any action or great effort from the keeper.

3- Use a blow dryer or heating lamp

Well, in some specific situations during very cold weather, say in summer, it is not a good idea to leave a freshly bathed parakeet exposed to the cold, so you will need to dry it and keep it comfortable as quickly as possible.

For this, you can use a blow dryer to dry the budgie, but be careful not to bring the dryer too close to the budgie, move it considerably away from its body, and set it on a warm temperature that is not hot.

Test on one of your hands first and measure the distance and the heat emitted by the blow dryer.

If you have a heat lamp it is also a very good idea, in case you do not have a heater lamp, you can bring the budgie close to any table lamp that has warm light, but without affecting the eyes fully in the light.

4- Use a towel

Ok, this method will not appeal to budgies, they hate towels and do not feel comfortable when they are wrapped in any kind of material, but if you have given your budgie a bath and he is soaked, you can put a small towel around his body very carefully, and gently remove some of the excess water that is on the surface of his feathers.

do not try to squeeze him with the towel, do not try to dry him completely with it, just try to remove the excess water on the surface, after using the towel you can use any of the techniques I mentioned above.

Be careful when bathing your budgie

You must be careful, do not place it directly under a shower, budgies have nostrils if water enters them in a considerable way they could get sick and have serious complications, handle with care yourself the amount of water and the parts of the body in which the water falls to the budgie.

As for the water temperature for the budgie to bathe, the ideal is that the water is at room temperature, neither cold nor hot, budgies do not like cold water for bathing, in very cold climates or winter, budgies will prefer slightly warmer water for bathing.

How often should a budgie be bathed?

It is healthy and normal to offer a bath to your parakeet at least three or four times a week, make sure it has a place where there is a medium temperature and no drafts, it is not a good idea to leave a wet budgie exposed to drafts, logically this would be detrimental to their health.

Do budgies like to be sprayed with water?

Budgies enjoy being sprayed with water, especially on hot days, it feels natural, like rain, spray bottles are an affordable, convenient, and most natural option to bathe the budgie.

The budgie will feel it like rain or mist of water, you should spray indirectly, to the side of the cage until the budgie feels confident and comes to it on its own.

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