Quails and Rabbits, 6 Tips to Keep Them Together Successfully

Can you keep quails and rabbits together?

This is a really strange mix of animals, but I have actually sometimes come across this question, can you have quails and rabbits together? In this topic, we will address the arguments to understand in more detail.

Do the quail and rabbits get along in the first place?

At first appearance, rabbits and quails are very similar. Then why not keep them together in a stable?

Quail are occasionally physically attacked by rabbits and bitten to death. Even if you didn’t believe that the pretty rabbits are so superior to quails.

But there are also experience stories where quails are comfortably in the sand bath with the rabbits and the two animals are very harmonious with each other.

It is certainly possible to keep rabbits and quails together, but they must be slow to be socialized. In any case, the barn must be sufficiently spacious and particularly well equipped. Both of these animals need areas of retreat and lots of space to get out of the way.

Experiences with keeping rabbits and quails together

Keeping rabbits and quail together is something that sounds almost impossible in advance, but I have documented some cases of breeders’ experiences of both animals that have managed to keep both together in perfect harmony.

In most cases, rabbits are not necessarily the most docile. They tend to be mean to people and don’t like to be petted, and that can cause a little skepticism about being kept together with quail.

So, if keeping them together doesn’t work, simply separate them immediately and give each species its own area.

Establish an area for the quails where only they can enter due to the size of the hatch.

Take these important points into consideration:

  • Withdrawal without rabbits
  • the possibility of offering quail food without the rabbits reaching it
  • That the rabbits do not urinate in the corral of the quails.

You can also have a stable where the rabbits are exclusively on the floor, this floor will be only for them, the quails can take the lower floor and they could choose it as the main storage place for their eggs.

Both animals can share the rest of the enclosure. The favorite place for the quails and the rabbits can be the sandbox in case they have one in common.

As perceived by a breeder who has both animals living together.

The rabbits can be relaxed with the quail. Even with food which they can eat together they can eat peacefully side by side.

There is no aggression against the quail on the part of the rabbits. The quail are also not afraid of the rabbits which move fast. Neither was there a quail run over.

6 Tips to keep quails and rabbits together successfully

1- Separate stable area necessary for the quails: Here the quails can withdraw when they need rest.

2- The common barn should be quite large : In all of the successful social arrangements proven by people who have experience, the barn is at least 7 m². Mostly towards 10 m².

3- Lots of structure in the barn: In the barn, many retreat and employment opportunities have been created with many hiding places, areas and surfaces (sand bath etc.) A large sand bath is almost always the area where the quails and rabbits spend a lot of time together.

4- Quails and rabbits together in the new barn: Under no circumstances should the rabbits already live in the barn and then the quails should be added.

Either you put the quails and rabbits in the barn at the same time, or you give the quails a few days to get to know the barn before you add the rabbits.

5- Types of food that both quail and rabbits eat should be offered in one place. For example, if the animals eat green fodder together, this improves their coexistence noticeably.

6- The quail food should be offered in a feeding trough. Due to the wire ribs, the rabbits with the slightly wider heads cannot get to the food. This allows you to offer the quail suitable food without the rabbits eating it.

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