Why Do Parakeets Chirp When They Hear Water?(Solved)

Although parakeets are gregarious birds, they love the quiet and use their hearing and vocalizations to communicate with each other.

The auditory factor is extremely important in the interaction of the parakeet with the environment, a parakeet reacts immediately to any sound in its environment.

The parakeet will keep chirping as long as they hear movement, this is the reason why the parakeet chirps when it hears the sound of water, whether it is water from a natural source or from a sink or kitchen faucet.

The sound of water can be pleasant or unpleasant for the parakeet

The fact that the parakeet screams when it hears the sound of water may mean that it likes or dislikes it, depending on the intensity of the sound.

I remind you that budgies have a more sensitive ear than you can imagine, it is the same as music, both parakeets and parrots can enjoy music, depending on the intensity of the sound.

The constant is that the parakeet will react to the sound and its response will be a chirp, which could be of emotion or protest, when it is of emotion it is because the sound is pleasant, when it is a chirp of protest it is because the sound seems threatening and stressful.

Parakeets use their chirping to communicate with each other, but when there is too much noise around, they will also use their calls to express their protest and dissatisfaction.

When hearing light music with a suitable sound, or the soft sound of running water, most parakeets will feel comfortable and follow the sound by singing, but when hearing loud music or sounds, especially heavy bass, most parakeets will protest by screaming.

Parakeets’ auditory system is highly developed, in fact, if you look closely, you will see that there is a difference between the bird’s cry when it protests and the cry when it is in a good mood.

Other reasons why the parakeet screams when hearing water

Parakeets have an excellent auditory memory, this is proven by hearing them imitate sounds, it is possible that the parakeet associates the sound of water with a previous bad experience.

The parakeet may have been irritated previously due to an unpleasant experience with water, or someone may have poured water on it and wet its feathers, leaving a very deep effect, or used the water to give it a bath or something like that.

Another possible reason, as we said previously, the parakeet might love the sound of soft water, the truth is that the sound of constant water can be relaxing when it is not an annoying or strident sound, and honestly, the parakeet reacts to any sound.

Why do some parakeets keep stomping their feet when they hear the sound?

There are two possibilities as to why the budgie reacts this way, one is out of a reaction of shyness and fear, and the other is because he gets very excited when he hears the sound.

Almost always the parakeet’s reaction to an unfamiliar sound is based on these two opposite reactions, fear or excitement.

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