6 Things Geese Are Afraid Of (Top Most Effective)

If there is one thing geese have plenty of, it is courage, have you seen how they attack people without backing down? they seem to fear nothing, apart from this they are very territorial birds, when they arrive at a place and feel at ease they simply take over the place.

It would be a problem to scare geese away from a property, especially if that property has a particular owner, such as a farm or a yard with a pond.

But, like all living things, geese also have fears and vulnerabilities, and elements can be used to keep them away from certain places in the most humane way possible, we did some research for this topic.

If you are wondering what geese are afraid of, here are some facts that might be useful to you.

1. They are afraid of natural predators

This has to come first, of course, geese are vegetarian birds, they have natural predators which they fear and stay away from the area where they can spot them.

One such predator, for example, is the coyote, which generally attacks any poultry including geese in packs, and feral dogs are also capable of attacking geese.

With this I am not saying that in case of scaring a goose you should have with you a feral dog or a coyote, it is not a good idea, but there are realistic coyote baits that could be placed in a visible area.

Another bait that could be used in areas, especially where there are ponds visited by geese, are fake crocodile heads.

The swan is another natural enemy of geese, much more fierce, you can put in your pond a couple of fake plastic swans, and this can work to scare the geese away.

2. motion-activated sprinklers

Yes, geese love water, they stay calm and safe in environments where there is water, but imagine the geese all brave, coming to a place to relax and suddenly zaz! a big jet of pressurized water hits them out of nowhere.

This would be a big surprise and an uncomfortable enough situation to scare the geese away, the motion-activated water jets are so effective that even a human can scramble out of the place.

These motion-activated sprinklers are specially designed as animal deterrents, the surprise effect is what helps the animal to get scared and leave the place as quickly as possible.

This system is a very effective and humane method of scaring geese, besides the fact that the water will hit the geese with pressure, it will not do any harm to them.

It is also a chemical-free system so it is environmentally friendly and could be used in spaces where you have crops for example.

It must be installed strategically, and it is likely that you will have to use several installed at different points.

3. Tallgrass

Ok, geese are not afraid of tall grass per se, rather, they are afraid of what might be hiding in the tall grass (see point one).

All animals have a strong sense of caution of their environment in order to survive, they are not like us, humans, all relaxed walking through life.

If geese sense tall grass in a place, they will not be able to see what could be hiding in the place, some predator could be lurking, they would be exposing themselves as easy prey. They will always be waiting for a predator to jump out and attack them.

Therefore, they will avoid being as close as possible to places where there is tall grass, you can strategically plant a grass that can grow a little more than 8 inches, the taller the more effective.

4. They fear some sounds

There are popular sound devices for scaring away birds, including geese, sound repellers are one of the bird pest control methods used to disorient and intimidate birds to leave the area.

For example, geese emit a call when they are being attacked by a predator, if you broadcast this pre-recorded distress sound the geese will be convinced that a predator is attacking and that another of their species needs their help and will flee in fright and heed the call.

The best geese deterrent in this class tends to have a solar-powered panel so it can operate with little or no effort.

A timer is also necessary so that the device can occasionally make the emergency call to scare the geese away. This particular type of geese repeller is usually marketed with an area of action.

Remember that each model has a specific model (for example, two hectares). Therefore, choose the right model for the size of the area you want to cover.

The sound usually lasts about two minutes and repeats every ten minutes or more.

5. They fear strobe lights

The lights are also an element used to scare away Canadian geese. in this category.
There are currently two main types of Canada goose scarers available.

One is effective at keeping geese away when they approach because it is sound-activated. The other option would be to leave a strobe light on overnight.

Perhaps putting lights in front of your house is an idea that you may not find aesthetically pleasing, but with the use of some creative elements, you can hide them so that the lights do not cause glare inside your house and do their job of scaring away the geese outside.

6. Dogs

One of the most effective dogs to chase away geese is the border collie, considered by many as the best shepherd dog in the world, it is a natural predator of the Canada goose, the geese will not want to go near a place where this dog is.

The physique of this dog is not very big, it is small, athletic, very fast, and agile. Some of the other great dogs are the German Shepherd and the Australian Cattle Dog that you might want to use.

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