Man Vs Chimp (Who Would Win In A Fight?)


Spoiler alert: a man can’t beat an adult chimp in a hand-to-hand fight.

The topic of a possible confrontation between man and chimp has been discussed a lot on the internet, but I have some data to add since the general discussion has been based mostly on the comparison of who is stronger between a chimp and man, information that has also been exaggerated and misunderstood.

Previously, it was said that a chimp could be up to four times stronger than a man, but this information was disproved after several studies of monkey muscle tissue.

The reality is that chimps are quite strong, but they do not surpass the strength of an adult man by much, at most they could have similar strength or 15% more pulling power than an adult man, this difference is not really abysmal.

It is also mentioned the fact that a chimp is much stronger than a human being of the same size, yes, but it is the same case for example of donkeys and horses, it is also said that donkeys are stronger than horses, but that is not true, horses for being much bigger have more power, although a donkey is much stronger than a horse of the same size.

According to studies, the reason why chimps have more strength than men is that their muscles contain more fast-twitch fibers, while more than half of human fibers are slow-twitch. Fast-twitch fibers are more powerful, but they consume more energy, and therefore monkeys fatigue much faster than humans.

But let’s not focus so much on the strength of the chimp, let’s say that the chimp has more pulling power than a human being, but the advantage is not overwhelming.

Who would win a hand-to-hand fight and why?

Who would win a hand-to-hand fight between a chimp and a man?

A grown man cannot beat a full-grown chimpanzee in a hand-to-hand fight, period.

And I am not basing this on strength criteria, in reality, strength is the least determinant element in a virtual fight between a chimpanzee and a man, what really makes a chimpanzee lethal are its huge fangs, the strength of its bite, and savagery when attacking.

Among the other advantages chimpanzees have is that they have huge fingers and toes designed for grasping and squeezing.

Hand size comparison between chimpanzee and human hands

A man is at a disadvantage to fight hand to hand against a wild animal, man, sacrificed his “evolution points” to acquire adequate abilities to hunt and think.

Men have a much weaker jaw than a chimpanzee because this allowed his brain to grow, we also adapted our muscles and skin to be more adapted to run long distances and recover faster, but man’s skin is more exposed, delicate, and more fragile than that of a chimpanzee.

I really don’t want to base this topic entirely on subjective analysis, but after doing the research, and seeing how even small monkeys in different parts of the world have been able to easily hurt and defeat men, I have no doubt that an adult chimpanzee can defeat a man.

I remind you that monkeys and chimpanzees are not the same, a monkey is a small and thin primate.

Monkeys are much smaller and weaker than chimpanzees, their fangs and bite are not comparable, however, I have seen cases of small monkeys that have been able to eliminate a man with a single bite in the hand (they perforated the artery in the wrist), and I have also seen cases in which small monkeys with a simple jump kick easily knocked adult men to the ground.

In a fight against a chimp, if you fall to the ground it’s game over.

Forget about strength, the chimpanzee’s bite is its lethal weapon

Chimpanzees have a smaller and denser skull than humans, their bite may not be stronger than that of a human being (according to recent studies they have similar bite strength to a human being), but their canines are undoubtedly huge and can pierce the skin and muscles of a human being with ease.

The fangs are the determining factor that would define a confrontation between a man and a wild animal, a man could not even win a confrontation against a Baboon, a primate whose physical characteristics are much smaller than those of chimpanzees, but the baboon has huge fangs as well.

Yes, chimpanzees use their bite as a primary attack/defense mechanism, all primates have long canines, except for humans, as I said before, this gave us the advantage to develop a bigger brain and be more intelligent, but in a hand to hand fight having big fangs is a much bigger advantage than having a big brain.

And don’t think that chimps don’t have fighting intelligence, despite attacking with total savagery, they will grab your hands to dominate you, they attack the most sensitive parts with their fangs, fingers, eyes, face, genitals, everything they can tear off easily, that’s why I mentioned that if you fall to the ground in a fight against a chimp it’s game over.

A man on the ground would have the chimp on top of him, helpless because the chimpanzee will dominate his hands with equal or superior strength, and hands much larger than those of man, the man will be defenseless and the chimp will attack the most sensitive parts with a savagery that a man have never experienced in his life.

Unlike humans, a chimpanzee feels no remorse or disgust, a man, for example, would hesitate to bite off the face of another human being, or the genitals, a chimpanzee will not, he will do it without thinking.

A chimp would eat an infant human for breakfast (literally happened at Gombe National Park, Tanzania on the 15th of May, 2002).

Chimps are vicious

Man usually has a vision that chimpanzees are funny animals when in fact it is the opposite, chimpanzees are brutal, This should come as no surprise, we humans are also extremely brutal. previously there was even the idea that chimpanzees were vegetarians and lived peacefully in the forest eating bananas, all this has been disproved over time.

Chimpanzees are also carnivores, they have been observed hunting monkeys and devouring them alive, chimpanzees are also brutal with members of their own species, showing a behavior of incredible aggressiveness.

A trained man such as a boxer or a martial arts fighter would also have little chance of surviving against an adult chimpanzee in a hand to hand fight, I would say that a professional fighter would have a 20% chance of beating a chimpanzee, that is, out of 10 fights it is possible that 2 would be won by a trained man.

Chimpances have a high tolerance to pain, their body is so solid that it seems to be sculpted from stone, their brain is much smaller and their skull is much thicker, so it is very difficult to knock out a chimpance with a simple blow, the safest way to defeat a chimpance would be with a kind of choking, chimpances lack the intelligence to avoid any choking technique applied by a trained man, but this would be extremely difficult to achieve.

Chimpanzees are faster, at least in close range reactions, plus the fact that they are smaller would make them a difficult target for any attack by a trained fighter.

A fighter is trained to take on another man, he is not prepared to take on a wild animal, with high pain tolerance, hard to knock out, with equal or more strength than him, that will go at full speed with huge fangs with intentions of biting his face off.

The best strategy in a fight against a chimpanzee

The best strategy is to run, run as fast and as far as you can, remember that a man is at a total disadvantage, the only advantage a man has is his brain and the smartest thing to do is to run.

A man has much more stamina than a chimp, if you run even if the chimp chases you he will get tired much faster, if you have no choice but to fight, look for a stick or any tool, in hand to hand combat against a chimp the man simply has everything to lose.


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