Man vs Wolf (Who Would Win In A Fight?)

/ / Man vs Wolf (Who Would Win In A Fight?)

Have you ever wondered if you could win in a one-on-one fight against a wolf? it all depends on the size of the wolf, an average man will have very little chance of surviving against a single large wolf in a one-on-one fight.

Simply put, the strength of a large wolf coupled with the devastating bite would be too much for the average man to survive, however, there have been cases of men who have been able to survive and even defeat small-sized wolves.

Wolves are used to hunt and kill large prey, such as deer, a large deer can weigh up to 200 kg, it is a massive animal, although wolves hunt in packs it requires a lot of strength to hunt such a massive animal in melee.

Both wolves and humans are top predators, for the purposes of this topic we should make the comparison in average terms, it is known that humans are the most intelligent living beings and that with weapons and tools they can dominate and exterminate any animal on the face of the earth.

It is also known that wolves attack in packs, and a man would not stand a chance against a wolf pack in a coordinated attack, even if he is armed.

And although wolf attacks on humans are extremely rare, since humans do not belong to the usual prey of wolves, we will analyze a possible encounter between a wolf and an average man one on one.

Can a man defeat a wolf with his bare hands?

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It is possible for a man to defeat a wolf with his hands alone, for this, certain properties must be met, first, the wolf must be of average size down, and second, the man must have above average strength.

For this we need to know how strong an average man can be, according to statistics, an average man is between 20-39 years old and weighs 89 kg with an average height of 176 cms.

According to an article written by the Washington Post, an average man can currently squeeze with an average strength of between 98 to 107 pounds.

Because man has the advantage over the wolf in having hands and being able to hold him, there are only two ways in which a man can fight and defeat a wolf.

  • Defeat it with blows
  • Defeat it by strangling it

Both ways are extremely difficult, it could be said that with the strength of an average man you could strangle a small wolf, but this would be very difficult because the man would expose his hands to the jaws of the wolf who will not stay calm at any time.

But there is already a precedent of a man who has defeated a wolf by strangulation, I was able to find a press release from a farmer in a village in Russia who skinned and strangled a wolf with his bare hands.

Here is the link to the story where you can also see a video of the fight, although the video is in terrible resolution.

The wolf, being a mammalian animal, needs a constant supply of air to the brain, which can be interrupted by exerting pressure on the carotid arteries.

In wolves, the carotid arteries are located on the sides of the neck, in the central/lower part of the neck.

Strangling a wolf would be an extremely difficult task because obviously they are going to put up a lot of resistance and their entire skin is surrounded by a lot of fur and several layers of skin that protect them from the cold temperature.

The most effective way for a human to defeat a wolf by hanging would be with a kind of Rear-Naked Choke, where the human is not exposed to the wolf’s jaws.

Man strangles wolf with his bare hands

Do you think you can beat a beast like this with bare hands?

Can a man with a knife defeat a wolf?

So the wolf in one on one combat has a lot of advantages against a simple man, how about a man armed with a knife, could he beat a wolf?

Definitely, an average man could not defeat a wolf in a one-on-one battle, even if the man is armed with a big knife.

Most likely, the man will not know how to use the knife, although the wolf is a living being with sensitive organs, the strength, and agility of this animal should not be underestimated at all.

Before you can react, the wolf will attack you with all its speed, your line of attack will be greatly reduced by having a wolf attacking head-on.

The only chance you have is to attack the wolf with the knife while it is biting you, but don’t think that this will defeat it, in the research I did I read the story of a man who stabbed an old wolf 9 times in a fight and the wolf kept attacking.

The intention of the topic is not to explain how you should fight a wolf, but, in the case of a man one on one against a wolf, if the man is armed with a knife, the first thing he should do is try to immobilize the animal as much as possible before using the knife.

Inevitably you are going to get a few bites, but blindly attacking a wolf with a knife, without controlling its movements, is an almost certain victory for the wolf.

Can a wolf drag a man?

It would be very difficult for a wolf to drag an adult man of average weight, as these animals are generally capable of dragging weights that do not exceed their body mass. An adult wolf can weigh an average of 50 kilograms (110 pounds), which is well below what an average adult man can weigh.

Can you outrun a wolf by running?

Of course not, the average speed of a wolf is 60 km / h, while a human can reach a maximum speed of 45/60 km / h, apart from this the wolf has an incredible endurance to run.

The other thing to keep in mind is that when wolves hunt in packs their technique is to corner their prey so that it runs away, it would not be smart for a man to run away from a pack of wolves, actually the opposite, that would be the trigger to activate their hunting instinct.

In a situation like this, the most appropriate thing to do is not to run away, but to take advantage of the climbing abilities of a man to climb any tree or tall structure in the environment.

Can a wolf break bones with one bite?

A wolf is capable of breaking bones with its bites, not with a single bite, but with two or three bites it might be able to break the bones of a human being.

The wolf’s bite is very strong, a wolf can bite with a force of 800 psi or even more, its bite is stronger than most dogs.

A powerful wolf bite will shred a person’s tissues down to the bone, and the speed at which they bite can be astonishing.

In conclusion, an average man could not beat an ordinary wolf in hand-to-hand combat, unless he is trained, with above-average strength, and knows what he is doing.


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